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Shop discount gift cards and save money. Search by brand name, product category, discount percentage or popularity. Click on the gift card image to view the types of cards listed for sale and learn more about each brand’s product offerings.

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Gift Card Wiki aggregates discount gift cards from all major marketplaces. Filter by card value, discount, card type or even marketplace to find the ideal gift cards.

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Received a gift card that you won't use? Why not turn it into cash? Gift Card Wiki tracks how much the markets will buy the card, and help you to get the max of it.

In each gift card page, you can find and compare the sell rates by card type (physical vs egift). The rate changes from the previous day (if any) as well as 3 month historical line are also available.

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It's always good to know the markets you are doing business with. In the Markets page, you can find all the details about them, such as current inventory, average discount, money back guarantee and shipping terms.

Also checkout the reviews to see other people's view on each market.

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Are you sometimes holding on buying or selling gift cards, and waiting for a better deal? Instead of periodically and manually check the rates, you can setup alert rules and get notified when there is a match.

In the alert system, you can

  • Set up Buy Rules on gift card criteria, such as brand name, face value, min discount, min arbitrage rate and attractiveness.
  • Set up sell rate threshold on selected brands.
  • Include or exclude certain markets.
  • Specify alert frequency to be hourly or daily.

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Buy low, sell high. Gift Card Wiki provides useful tools to help you trade cards for profit.

There are two metrics specifically designed for arbitrage. You can sort cards by those metrics in Hot Deals as well as set alerts based on those criteria to get notified whenever there is an arbitrage opportunity.

Arbitrage Rate

`"arbitrage rate" = "sell rate" / (1 - "buy discount")`

Arbitrage rate measures the profitability to buy and then sell. Higher value indicating better arbitrage opportunity. 100% is the break even point.


`"attractiveness" = "current discount" / "30 day avg discount"`

Attractiveness measures how the current discount compares to history. Value greater than 100% indicating the current discount is more attractive than before.

You can also research the trend of each brand by referencing the charts on discount, sell rate and inventory size history in the last 3 months.